Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids – Egyptian characteristic mark

You have just decided that the next trip will be abroad? You visited almost everything in Poland? Egypt it definitely a place that guarantees to have only positive experiences. In this country, there are various monuments. There are also a lot of symbols that are connected to the history, that some people know only from school books. What makes that many people chose to go on a trip to that African country? Egypt, most of all, guarantees perfect weather any time of the year. How does the weather look like in November?

In November there are almost 30 degrees, that for many people is a good news. In this part of the year, there is a lot of sun, but it is not too hot. It is not surprising that many Polish people decide to go to Egypt in this part of the year. People from Poland chose Egypt also because of other things such as interesting places to visit. Obviously, the must see in Egypt are the Pyramids.

Many people go to Giza to see it. Giza is a city that is located in the western part on Nil river. It is worth to add, that Giza is located close to Cairo. In Giza apart from the Pyramids, it is possible to see also a big monument of the Sphinx. This monument presents a lion with a head of human. The view is very impressive. What else is worth to visit while being in this country?

Among others, it is the (step) Pyramid of Djoser. What is typical for this one? It is interesting that this particular Pyramid is considered to be the oldest one. The other most important is also the Bent Pyramid, where we can observe a change in the angle of the side walls occurring at half height. For sure, people who are interested in these things, will not be complaining about the lack of interesting places in this African country.

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